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Northern Meats is a wholesale meat supplier in Sydney servicing the beautiful Northern Beaches, North Shore, and Sydney Metropolitan Area. We pride ourselves in being a cut above in supplying wholesale carton meat to our valued customers and stock some of the most premium quality meats available.

We supply a diverse range of companies and businesses across our wholesale and food service delivery network. Whether it’s Beef, Wagyu, Veal, Pork, Lamb, or something else you may be after, our modern and refrigerated vehicles can deliver to you. You will receive your order straight to you chilled or frozen and our products are a mixture of grass fed or grain fed, MSA graded, Marble Score 5+ Wagyu, and Halal Certified.

So whether you are a restaurant, cafe, butcher, hotel, wholesaler, supermarket, eatery, pub, club, steakhouse, caterer, entertainment venue, food service or a hospitality establishment, contact us today to make an enquiry about becoming a Northern Meats customer.

Our Meat

Our meat is sourced from the best abattoirs and producers across Australia.

The Australian meat industry produces some of the highest quality meat products in the world, including Beef, Wagyu, Veal, Pork, and Lamb. With beautiful lush green pastures and a temperate climate, Australia can produce some of the world’s highest quality meat that exceeds international export standards and makes its way into the finest restaurants.

Australian Meat

Why Northern Meats?

We love what we do.

Our delivery network supplies quality meat at competitive prices to our loyal and valued customers throughout Sydney and other parts of Australia and the World. We take pride in our years of industry experience and the strong relationships we have built with our clients.

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Need a wholesale meat distributor?

Northern Meats supplies quality products to our clientele in Australia and overseas. We specialise in bringing businesses fantastic cartons of meat for them to satisfy their customers with. Make an inquiry today.

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